Our Story
Carlisle Honey

Carlisle Honey is a very well-known local honey label. We offer many honey varieties and related products for wholesale and retail. Carlisle Honey was initially founded by Ed Erny in Carlisle, Massachusetts in the 1990s.

Rick Reault’s honey company started as a hobby/sideline business in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts with the brand name “Bee-Cause Apiaries” in 1998. Bee-Cause Apiary expanded slowly by adding apiaries locations and selling honey at farm stands. In 2010, Rick purchased Carlisle Honey from his friend Ed Erny. We changed the Bee Cause honey label to Carlisle Honey and merged the two businesses. In 2014, we purchased B&B Apiaries and expanded to cranberry bogs around southeastern Massachusetts. In 2015, Dan Philips joined New England Beekeeping/Carlisle Honey bringing with him the “Rocky Hollow” label from New Hampshire. Today, with over 1,000 hives owned and managed locally our business had grown into successful New England Honey, Beekeeping businesses. The expanding business could no longer be run out of Rick and Sue’s home. They invested in buying 4 acres of land in Tyngsboro, MA, which was the last remaining agricultural lot in town, and with this move continued the historical use of this farm land for the past 300 years.

On April 1st, 2019 New England Beekeeping/ Carlisle Honey moved into our new facility we call The Colony. Having a desire to broaden our horizons a bit more, we applied for a Farm Winery License and started Honeybound Meadery. Rick had been crafting Mead for about 10 years with his beekeeping and mead friend Mike Mintz. Having won many awards for his meads, it was a unique opportunity to add a Meadery to the New England Beekeeping family. The Colony is now the home of our three divisions.

In 2020 we continue to expand. Our newest accusation is New Hampshire Honeybee and Bee Tree Farm from John and Alison Solominides. We are excited to see Carlisle Honey continue to grow into a brand name recognized throughout New England. We started as a local producer of raw honey providing the best honey the honeybees have to offer and we continue to do the same. Over the years we have met many hardworking commercial beekeepers who we have shared resources with and have learned from. We are now happy to share the fruits of their hard labor with our customers. Thus, Carlisle Honey has added Florida Orange Blossom and Canadian Raspberry Honey to our labels!

We take pride in being the only company in the country currently providing a unique breadth of bee related products and services under one roof. From owning and managing over 1,000 hives, selling honeybees, queens and beekeeping supplies, bottling varietal raw unfiltered honeys, hand-crafting beeswax candles, soaps and apothecary products as well as our latest product line of crafting mead with fresh raw honey. Additionally, education is at the forefront of our mission. We teach beekeeping management courses and are always talking honeybees to our customers at The Colony! The Colony is one busy hive!

We are happy to welcome visitors to The Colony located in Tyngsboro. All our products are available to purchase in our Farm Stand Store at The Colony. Our new address is 7 Locust Ave Tyngsboro, Massachusetts. Come visit our new location for Honey, Bees, Mead and More!