Our Story
Honeybound Meadery

My name is Rick Reault and I am the Mead Maker of Honeybound Meadery. My path to making mead started 25 years ago. Soon after taking up beekeeping as a hobby I attempted fermenting my first batch of mead. Equipped with little information and zero experience my first batch was a complete disaster. I quickly poured it down the drain to save myself from embarrassment.
Managing honeybees quickly became more than a hobby. I went from managing 2 hives to 25 to 100 in five years. After 10 years of managing honeybees as a sideline, I started New England Beekeeping Supplies selling honeybees, beekeeping supplies and honey. It was now 2006 and I was a full-time commercial beekeeper with a business growing on the fast track.

in operation

My passion for and knowledge of honeybees was shared regularly at many Beekeeping meetings throughout Massachusetts. Teaching Beekeeping classes became routine and played a large role in growing my business. Regular speaking engagements to speak at Beekeeping meetings large and small became routine. It was at one of these small meetings hosted by a local group at a beekeepers’ residence that my journey with Mead would take a dramatic turn. One of my former students, Mike Mintz, offered to share a bottle of his Mead. My experience with Mead had been poor at best. I had tasted mead from beekeeping friends, commercial mead and my own rocket fuel that left me feeling skeptical about this ancient beverage. However, never being a coward, I tried Mike’s mead and immediately felt joy! Know this was a special drink! I could not compliment him enough and immediately made plans to brew some batches with Mike at my home. After a string of successful batches my pursuit of making good mead was launched.

New England Beekeeping Supplies was thriving. Carlisle Honey became our brand honey name and mead was a sideline hobby to be shared with my friends and family. Running a commercial beekeeping and honey business from our home was becoming more challenging for my wife Sue and I who had now joined our business. In 2018, we purchased the last remaining piece of land that was the last piece to a farm that dated back to the 1700’s. We built a brand new facility and moved our operation to our new building on April 1st, 2019.

We call our building “The Colony”. The Colony is home to New England Beekeeping Supplies, Carlisle Honey, and Honeybound Meadery. Equipped with a Farm Winery License, we have added hand crafted Mead making to our business. Our meads are a combination of a process created hundreds of years ago in eastern Europe enhanced with modern techniques and strategy to produce a special bevage that only honey can accomplish.
We welcome all to try and enjoy our Meads that we take great pride in serving! Raise your glasses, give thanks to the Honeybees and toast to your Health and Happiness!