What is Mead?

Mead is an alcoholic beverage made from fermenting honey and water with yeast. Its beginnings date back to ancient times. It is said that Mead paved the way for all alcoholic beverages. Mead was enjoyed and cherished by many cultures. Ancient beliefs say drinking mead will bring health, virility, knowledge, immortality, and wit! The term “Honeymoon” comes from a tradition of giving a newly married couple one full moon worth of mead to instill good luck in their marriage.

Today there is a public desire to seek out beverages that are produced by small brewers using local and fresh ingredients. Our mead is crafted in such a way. As beekeepers, we have access to the most unique and interesting honey to give our meads a special character. After choosing the most intriguing honey we carefully match it with a complementing yeast. We then create the perfect environment to ferment our mead in. We use temperature and modern techniques that will produce a mead that all will enjoy.

Meads can be fermented with fruits, cider, and spices to name just a few options. The combinations are endless. Satisfying your palate is our goal. Honeybound Meadery invites you to come try our award winning Meads. Try our mead chilled, warmed or room temperature. Enjoy our mead as a stand alone or create your favorite drink recipe (which will be required to be shared with us). Take the Honeybound adventure to make our own history!