Meet the Family of the Colony

Rick Reault

Rick Reault and his wife Sue are the owners of the honeybee farm, we call The Colony. The Colony is where we sell our three product lines: New England Beekeeping Supplies, Carlisle Honey, and Honeybound Meadery. Rick has been keeping bees for 25 years. He is a third generation beekeeper, and this is truly a family business. We are a small commercial beekeeping company, enjoying our 15th year of business. Our New England Beekeeping Supplies, Inc. runs over 1,000 hives located in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont. New England Beekeeping provides strong hives to local growers for successful pollination. Our hives are managed by our experienced staff year round, even throughout our tough New England winters.

Sue Reault

Sue Reault with her husband Rick, is owner of the farm “The Colony”. When Rick started New England Beekeeping, Sue helped by answering phone calls and assisted customers while Rick was out working his bees. She had her own wellness business that included personal training at a local gym. Health and wellness have always been her passion. When New England Beekeeping added Carlisle Honey our company, Sue took over the shipping of on-line honey orders. As the business grew Sue took on more responsibilities including customer sales of beekeeping supplies. The decision to build a facility was a carefully though out decision by Rick and Sue. As Rick concentrated on the Facility layout and design, Sue concentrated on the interior Farmstand/Store design. Her attention to detail and commitment to creating a customer friendly space resulted in a perfect setting for our customers to enjoy. Sue is the manager of our farm store at The Colony. In addition, she is using her passion for wellness to hand craft the artisan apothecary products including soaps, lip balms and more using all-natural ingredients. Sue created her own amazing line of Apothecary products called “Bee-Bee Tree” Apothecary. We are proud to offer these products that compliment our Honey, Bees Mead and More offerings.

Ron Lagasse

Ron Lagasse is our longest serving team member. Ron became the first employee to join New England Beekeeping back in 2006. Ron’s friendship with Rick began in 1973 when Rick’s family moved to Tyngsboro and bought a home across the street from the Lagasse family. Ron started his career in the Tech Industry before joining NEBEES. Ron has grown with the company. Starting out with doing everything that needed to be done. He has gone from assisting Rick in the bee yards, driving to Georgia to pick up package bees, extracting honey, bottling honey, labeling honey, delivering honey, managing inventory at our rented space (Sherburne Lumber), helping customers and any job that needed to be done. Once we built the Colony, the important work of managing a Facility and the handling of our honey from storage to bottling tanks fell upon his shoulders. Ron is a highly valued and skilled team member. We are lucky to have him!

Dan Phillips

Dan Phillips is a seasoned beekeeper with over 30 years of experience. He started with 4 hives and grew it to 100. In 2016, he joined New England Beekeeping as a partner. He now oversees our day to day operations of our hives. He takes pride in competing in honey shows and has won many blue ribbons. Dan is a long time member of the Essex County Beekeepers Association, having served as vice president and on the Board of Directors. He is also a member of the NH and MA State Associations and a life member of EAS.

Ken Anderson

Ken Anderson is a member of our beekeeping team, overseeing our hive inspection and management consulting services. Ken is the vice president of Essex County Beekeepers Association. He has been a beekeeper for over 10 years and is in process of becoming a Master Beekeeper through Cornell University.

Jen Reed

Jen Reed is a Master beekeeper! She is a valued staff member in the farm store on Saturdays. She is a long time member of Middlesex Beekeepers Association and sits on the board of directors for the Massachusetts State Beekeepers Association.

Nora, Karen, Joanne, and Melissa are our valued store staff, who are here to help you with all of your beekeeping, honey & mead needs. Karen is also a beekeeper, while Nora is the artisan of our beautiful beeswax candles.