Our Story
New England Beekeeping

My name is Rick Reault. I founded New England Beekeeping Supplies Inc. in 2006. My introduction to honeybees started when I was about 12 years old in my grandfathers yard in Dracut, Massachusetts. My uncle, Don Landry, keep some honeybee hives at my grandfathers. One day, he suited me up and brought me out to work his hives. The experience has been embedded in my memory ever since. Some 20 plus years later, I asked my uncle if he would like to place some hives in my yard in Tyngsboro. He explained that he had lost all his hives in the 1980’s to mites and no longer keep honeybees. After reading a few beekeeping books he shared with me, my fascination was captured and has been ever since. My first hive was in 1996.
Managing honeybees quickly became more than a hobby. I went from managing 2 hives to 25 to 100 in five years. After 10 years of managing honeybees as a sideline, I started New England Beekeeping Supplies selling honeybees, beekeeping supplies and honey. It was now 2006 and I was a full-time commercial beekeeper with a business growing on the fast track.


Not knowing what area of the beekeeping industry to concentrate on, I decided to sell beekeeping supplies, honeybees, honey and offer pollination to local growers. Trying to earn a full time wage through beekeeping in New England definitely would have its challenges. However, each year the company would grow through the support of the local beekeepers and farm stands. My second year, one of my two closest friends, Ron Lagasse, joined me. Soon after, my wife Sue starting lending a hand. In 2006, I started transporting honeybee packages from Rossman Apiaries in Georgia. One trip a year led to 2 trips my second year and three trips my third year. We continue to travel to Georgia three times per year. Additionally, we receive two shipments of packages a year from Wilbanks Apiaries. Our honeybee yards went from 2 yards to 10 to 20 and know we have over 70 yards with approximately 1,000 colonies. New England Beekeeping also sell Nuc colonies from May through June. We offer queens from several different breeders , including our own from April through September.

Pollination is a part of our business. We pollinate blueberries, apples, cranberries and pumpkins in the New England States for over 20 growers.

Education has always been at the forefront of our business. I have been teaching bee school classes since before I started New England Beekeeping Supplies. We currently teach classes sponsored by the Acton Boxboro Adult Education and the Tyngsboro Recreation Department. Our classes focus on teaching healthy hive management to enable hobby beekeepers to overwinter hives successfully through the harsh New England winters.

Our honey business started with the brand name “Bee-Cause Apiaries”. In 2010, I purchased Carlisle Honey from my friend Ed Erny. We changed our label to Carlisle Honey and merged the two businesses. In 2014, we purchased B&B Apiaries and expanded our area to cranberry bogs around south eastern Massachusetts. Our newest accusation is New Hampshire Honeybee and Bee Tree Farm. We are excited to see Carlisle Honey Honey continue to grow into a brand name recognized throughout New England.

On April 1st, 2019 we moved into our new Facility. We are still located in Tyngsboro. Our new address is 7 Locust Ave. Come visit our new location for Honey, Bees, Mead and More!