Queens, Locally Bred

Local Queens are typically available in June, July and August. 

Our local queens are bred from queens that have successfully overwintered, proven themselves as gentle and strong honey producers the previous year, and shown resistance to disease. Very limited availability.

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Packages, Nucs and Queen Return, Cancellation, Handling, and Refund Policy

Package and Nuc orders can be cancelled up to 30 days before delivery with a $10 per package or nuc fee. Package and Nuc orders cannot be cancelled within 30 days of delivery unless we can re-sell your order. If we re-sell your order, we will refund your order minus $10 per package/nuc. Same policy for orders not picked up. Packages must be picked up on delivery Day unless prior arrangements are made. No returns are accepted after pick-up ok packages, nucs or queens. A Package is guaranteed to have a live mated caged queen. We check package queens when you pick-up to make sure they are alive. If your caged queen is dead when you go to install her we replace the queen. We must be notified of a dead queen within 24 hours of package pick-up. Dead queens after install do not qualify for a no cost replacement queen. Queens that do not lay or lay drones are replaced at no cost for 30 days after pick-up. You must return this live queen when picking up a replacement queen. Nucs are guaranteed to have live, laying queens. Nucs are inspected by us and the Massachusetts State Inspectors within 3 days prior to your pick-up. Care must be taken when transporting Queens, Packages or Nucs. Transporting in heat or exposing to sun without proper ventilation will cause over-heating and honeybee stress and die-off. Please ask us when picking-up if you have concerns transporting you bees. We do not ship Packages, Nucs or Queens. Live purchased queens must be installed within 12 hours of pick-up. Again, specialized queen care for the queens are the beekeepers responsibility. There is no guarantee for uninstalled queens that die after 12 hours of pick-up. Scheduled pick-up dates can change due to circumstances outside of our control. We will notify you by email and post on our web site regarding any delays. Please verify pick-up dates before you travel to us for you honeybees.


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