Speaking Engagements

Many of our beekeepers have dozens of years of experience with bees and can provide valuable insight to your group or class.  Our experience in Swarm Removal, Pollenation Services, Honey production and more are possible topics.  Please contact us for rates and more details.

Honey Extraction Solutions

Save Time!!
Let us extract your honey in our professional extraction room. We will uncap your frames, spin them out in our extractor and. The process is much quicker and you do not have to worry about getting your house all sticky. Bring your honey supers and buckets. We sell buckets and honey jars if you need them. (Please call ahead to schedule an appointment (978)-957-2233)

In continued efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 we will not be offering extraction services in 2020.

*We reserve the right to charge extra for frames in poor condition as they take additional time to uncap.
*Crystalized honey in frames cannot be extracted.

Hive Management and Consulting

New England Beekeeping offers professional management, on-site maintenance and one on one consulting for the hobbyist in our general area.
One-time visits for that extra set of eyes
Routinely scheduled visits to help you manage your colonies as they grow.
A fully hands-off experience where we’ll manage everything from installing bees and hives to delivering honey to you.
Our programs are designed around your needs, experience and budget.